Church Governance

Church Governance

III.             Church Governance

1. Make recommendation specifying ways that Administration and ministries of the church can streamline operations and eliminate duplications where unnecessary at every level.

2. Assign to a representative commission the challenge of exploring at least three scenarios for the re-distribution of tithe for furthering the mission of the church.

3. Appoint a representative study group to examine the relationship between the size and complexity of our organization and achieving our mission, resulting in three recommendations based on the relationship between conferences, unions, and the division.


Committee Members

1. Kyoshin Ahn, Chair, Administrator, North America Division

2. Gene Donaldson, Pastor, Columbia Union Conference

3. David Jamieson, Pastor, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada

4. Andy McDonald, Pastor, Southern Union Conference

5. Ricardo Viloria, Pastor, Pacific Union Conference

6. Bill Winston, Administrator, Southern Union Conference

7. Ricardo Graham, Administrator, Pacific Union Conference

8. Edwin Romero, Administrator, Southwestern Union Conference

9. Randy Robinson, Administrator, Southern Union Conference

10. Jerry Lutz, Administrator, Columbia Union Conference

11. Gary Thurber, Administrator, Lake Union Conference

12. Ray Hartwell, Administrator, Columbia Union Conference

13. Tom Lemon, Administrator, Mid-America Union Conference

14. Astrid Thomassain, Administrator, Atlantic Union Conference 

15. Betty Bayer, Administrator, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada

16. Andre Wang, Layperson, North Pacific Union Conference

17. Rory Wold, Layperson, North Pacific Union Conference

18. Don Adams, Layperson, Southwestern Union Conference

19. Sandra Miller, Layperson, Lake Union Conference

20. Riss Weaver, Layperson, Southwestern Union Conference

21. Albert L Dudley, Layperson, Mid-America Union Conference

22. Clayton Looney, Layperson, Lake Union Conference

23. Denis Williams, Layperson, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada

24. Robert Garcia, Layperson, Atlantic Union Conference