Church Governance

Don't Delay!

Name: Max Ferguson

City, State: Bridgeport, CT

I am pleased to hear that our church is finally addressing this pressing issue. There is a growing conclusion, at the local church level, that the SDA Church structure and it's refusal to change since 1901 is resulting in the killing of the goose that lays the golden egg. The local church is the only place where funds are generated in the church and the local church is the primary place where ministry emanates yet the local church is the most improvised. At the same time so called "higher organizations" are flourishing without having income producing sources. This cannot continue to be. If we fail to take bold and decisive actions more and more of our members will look towards independent churches where emphasis can be placed on local mission and community service related ministries. If we are to be effective in reaching this generation we must show that we care about people and their needs. If we want to get better name recognition then we must be present in a bold way in local communities. When we show that we care about people then and only then will they want to listen to what we have to say.