Church Governance

Consolidate and Strengthen

Name: Dick Stenbakken

City, State: Loveland, Colorado

Our current Union structure was necessary when trips across any Union was a huge time taking event. It is my belief that because of the increased rapid travel and electronic messaging, conferencing and opportunities, we would do well to look at dividing the US into four Unions. This consolidation would save funding, trim duplication, and allow the missions and educational institutions to be more appropriately and effectively accomplished. We are seeing the collapse of many of our Academies already. By widening the span of territory for each Union, the church could better focus on and support academies in their area as well as better coordinate the mission of the churches in their area. Local members still seem to crave a local conference because leadership and management are closer to home. And, while consolidation of conferences makes sense financially, the emotions involved by distancing people from conference leadership would/could be an issue. Unions tend to be much more seen as "out there" so combining Unions would cause much less anxiety to the local churches.