Church Governance

Delegates at all levels should represent Church demographics

Name: Andre Weston

City, State: Laurel, MD

I am appalled that women and young adults were underrepresented among both the nominating committee which selected the highest levels of leadership and among the delegates who voted on the business of the world church. The results at any General Conference session will be questionable at best if those doing the nominating and voting do not proportionally represent the church's age, racial, and gender demographics. We cannot allow church representatives and nominators into any democratic process if they collectively do not look like the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. How can we then turn around and say that the Holy Spirit moved, and the Church spoke with authority. Authority!? I suppose the Sanhedrin pat itself on the back and said it spoke with authority when it authorized the execution of Christ without representing the values of the people at large. Two things happened at San Antonio: 1.) The church uplifted the status quo at the expense of progress, and 2.) the church lost moral credibility in the eyes of millions of its members.