Church Governance

One on One = Too Much Oversight

Name: Andy McDonald

City, State: Orlando, Florida

According to the 2013 GC Statistical Report p. 8 there are 26,859 Evangelistic and Pastoral Employees and 27,788 Administrative, Promotional, Office, and Miscellaneous Employees. This is worse than 1:1! If we simply went to 2:10 we would save over a billion dollars a year @$50k per employee! We have a moral obligation to be better stewards. One payroll office for all of North America would save enormous amount of funds. With cars, cell phones, and the internet Union Conferences could absorb Local Conferences with minimal if any negative impact to the local church. A few years ago one of the conference presidents in the Columbia Union did a study that demonstrated that eliminating the conferences and going to Union oversight only would, at that time, save $7,000,000 per year in perpetuity that could be pushed to the local congregations where the vast majority of ministry occurs. While this is about "Church Governance" it may also be a means to infuse our educational system with desperately needed economic resources that could mean their survival. Consider looking at the reorganization of Red Cross which was set up very similar to our denomination until its re-organization eliminating duplication of services saving Red Cross $320 million and making their administrative overhead 9-10 cents of each dollar donated.

Duplication of Staffing

Name: Richard Coder

City, State: Springfield, MO

Why do we have a duplication of staff at the Union and Conference? Do we need a superintendent of education at the Union level and a superintendent at the conference? What exactly does the Union level staff do? We have a president, ministerial director etc. etc. at the Union doing the same work as the conference. The use of tithe money needs be viewed more prudently. One gets the feeling that the officers at the Union are in their positions as a reward not a need. We definitely need to flatten the organization. Money should be driven back to the churches for more evangelism and more pastors (many pastors are serving 3, 4 and even 5 churches) this leads to fewer members and more church issues.