II.             Education

1. Develop innovative strategies for the delivery of Adventist education including: after-school and online programs, including requiring all churches in a given constituency to support their local Adventist school, whether they have students there or not.

2. Develop a program for the promotion of Adventist Education for educators, pastors, and members tied to mission, and find ways to encourage students to engage in personal evangelism.

3. Develop alternative funding streams for Adventist education, including endowments, changing tithe ratios, and expanding enrollment by including non-Adventist students already in our community.


Committee Members (Private Forum)

1. Elisa Kido, Chair, Layperson, La Sierra University

2. Larry Blackmer, Administrator, Education 

3. Carol Byrd, Administrator, Southern Union Conference

4. Iveth Valenzuela, Administrator, Pacific Union Conference

5. Heather Knight, Administrator, Pacific Union Conference

6. Dennis Marshall, Admin., Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada

7. Dennis Plubell, Admin., North Pacific Union Conference

8. Carmen Griffith Layperson, Southwestern Union Conference

9. Donald  Livesay Admin., President, Lake Union Conference

10. Seanna-Kaye Denham, Lay Person, Atlantic Union Conference

11. Jerry Chase, Pastor, Columbia Union Conference

12. David Denton, Educator, Southern Union Conference

13. Brent Geraty, Lay Member, Lake Union Conferece

14. Darren Wilkins, Educator, Columbia Union Conference

15. Spencer Hannah, Educator, Mid-America Union Conference

16. Nury Perez, Educator, Southern Union Conference