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Why Do We Wonder if Adventist Education is Important?

Name: Sharon Crowder

City, State: Jacksonville, IL

I was so blessed to be able to teach at both Adventist and public schools, most notably at Broadview Academy the last 4 years of it's existence before it closed. Before the final constituency meeting we, staff members at BVA, began the 'Why?' conversations. We wrote a document with our basic purpose and many Bible verses and EGWhite quotes that address raising children and proper education, that document remains at the link:

A key question that we must grapple with from lessons learned from all the school closings is that while money has been the point of contention, is it the real problem? Is God short on money? Where our heart is, there our treasure will be. Until we address this as the spiritual problem that it is, until we recognize that we must care properly for our children (all children), how can the misplaced treasure issue be resolved. It is a spiritual issue with out children's eternal lives as outcome and parents and church members hearts as the battle field.