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SDA Education

Name: Marjory Bodi

City, State: Grayling,MI

I & my girls are 3rd & 4th generation 100% SDA educated!! Thank you for that!!
Concerned about the skyrocketing costs, for our schools, the closings, & the threats by the ultra conservatives (I dislike that word) who want to control all our thinking, creativity, & the personal lives of our teachers & professors.
I believe Godly teachers can be trusted to love & teach our youth to better love their Lord without the Micro-Managing.

That's all. And Blessings on all your hard work for our beloved church!!

Students With Special Needs

Name: Garcelle Hill

City, State: NJ

I would love to see our organization devote more resources to children with special needs in our adventist school system. I have a 9yr old autistic son, who requires certain therapies, and our local adventist school does not provide the theraphy that he needs. He is currently in the public school system. I think if some of the duplicated offices in our organizational structure were eliminated, the savings from such restructuring can help in adding the needed funding to help special needs students attend our local adventist schools.

Adventist student attending public schools (elementary - college)

Name: Claudia Kaiser

City, State: Shawnee, KS

I was just wondering if the discussion on "Education" will also include how to minister/include Adventist students in our churches and also minister to those students on secular university and college campuses. Many students, for several reasons, are not able to attend an Adventist school and sometimes those students get "left out" because they weren't attending an Adventist school.