II.             Mission to Contemporary Audiences

1. Develop a branding strategy for Adventism tied to a clearer positive sense of our identity, including shifting our evangelistic emphasis from educational to relational approaches. Empower members through training and internal promotions programs, to mingle with the secular community, including opening our churches more hours to be available to local communities.

2. Promote a stronger emphasis on discipleship which encompasses evangelism into nurture resulting in retention.

3. Create a program for educating, mentoring, and training, members, including contextualizing the Adventist witness, providing a greater emphasis on contemporary issues, including involving the young adults.


YA Summit Report 2014 PDF (Power Point Presentation)

Youth Brochure

Committee Members

1. Mark Johnson, Administrator, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada

2. Myron Edmonds, Pastor, Columbia Union Conference

3. Darriel Hoy, Pastor, Mid-America Union Conference

4. Tara Vincross, Pastor, Columbia Union Conference

5. Todd Stout, Pastor, Atlantic Union Conference

6. Andres Flores, Pastor, Lake Union Conference

9. Mike Cauley, Administrator, Southern Union Conference

10. Jose Cortez Sr., Administrator, Columbia Union Conference

11. Mansfield Edward, Administrator, Ontario Conference

12. Chris Blake, Teacher K-16, Mid-America Union Conference

13. John Altman, Layperson, North Pacific Union Conference

14. Clifford Jessup, Layperson, Southwestern Union Conference

15. Craig Jackson, Layperson, Pacific Union Conference

16. Lorie Yensho, Layperson, Lake Union Conference

17. Kathy Aitken, Layperson, Southern Union Conference