Prayer For Those We Disagree With

Name: Teresa Quintero

City, State: Woodland CA

While it is nice to see so many men praying, it gives the appearance of a church with no women....makes me feel a tad invisible and not wanted. :(

But to my subject. While I see admonitions to be united, to be decent to each other and such, I believe we need need to be reminded to pray for each other. Besides that we are helpless to love others as Christ loves us and need to be in constant prayer that we are given that desire. In my experience anyway. We need to be constantly reminded to pray for each other, that of course we may not feel the desire to do so, but we need to pray for that desire. If we wish any real unity, if we wish the latter rain, then we are going to have to start praying for each other, pro-WO and anti-WO, in addition to any and all other factions we have.

When we individually are in surrender to the Lord and in prayer for love for those we disagree with as well agree with, and in prayer for those we disagree with we will see God work.

My two cents. :) Teresa