Q & A

Q & A

What is the purpose of this study?

.   The North American Division, in response to the Administrators Meeting on May 2014, in Herndon, VA. suggested to create three committees to address the governance and structure of three major areas; mission, education, and church structure. Learn More...

What are the top three priories identified in the Administrators Conference? 

.   Develop a branding strategy for Adventism tied to a clearer positive sense of our identity, empowering members to mingle with the secular community including opening our churches more hours to be available to local communities;

.    Make recommendations specifying ways that administration and ministries of the Church can streamline operations and eliminate duplications where unnecessary at every level; and

.    Assign to a representative commission the challenge of exploring at least three scenarios for the redistribution of financial support from members for furthering the mission of the Church.

Why should I take part in the discussion?

Once your submission is brought into the meetings, it will ultimately help shape how the committees make their decisions. The more submissions we receive the greater the impact church members have towards reshaping the North American Division.  

What will happen to my comments after it's submitted?

After your submission has been reviewed we will post them online within 48 business hours (under the topic you chose) and we will also submit them to the committee meetings for review. 

How can I contribute to the discussion?

We welcome your personal perspective, experience and thoughts on structure as a member of the North American Division. Click on "Share Your Thoughts" and proceed to fill out the form. Please keep in mind that anonymous submissions will not be reviewed or posted online. We would like to keep the conversation open, transparent and positive. 

Why do I not see my submission?

We encourage everyone to participate in this study. We have set guidelines for the opinions that have been submitted for review. Please follow these guidelines if you would like to view your submission on our site. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be discarded.